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Sherry Eckstein
Posted by Sherry Eckstein on 08/15/2010 4:06pm
Help find my friend
I believe he was in the Navy. Attended high school in Stockton IL for a while then moved with his family to Kentucky.
Jasmin Wetterauer
Posted by Jasmin Wetterauer on 08/15/2010 2:11am
Baumholder Germany
Looking for my dad named Tony Fair from Utah. My grandmother said he was stationed in Baumholder Germany around 1981 and 1982. If anyone knows how to get...
Rich Stowe
Posted by Rich Stowe on 08/13/2010 6:46pm
Looking for...
Looking for Angela Weaver (was Angela Green too) or Darrin Weaver or James "Mooch" Conant all at Yokota in mid-90s
Tyra Gutierrez
Posted by Tyra Gutierrez on 08/11/2010 8:39pm
Hello my name is Tyra and I am looking for an old friend Frank he left for the military between 2002-2004 from Dallas - Grand Prairie Texas (metroplex) he...
Kaylyn McClaran
Posted by Kaylyn McClaran on 08/11/2010 8:38pm
Sigonella Base, Italy
Hello wonderful members of the armed forces, family , and friends. I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me locate a man by the name...
Maike Renner
Posted by Maike Renner on 08/11/2010 6:28pm
Peter Vandoros
Hello My name is maike and I live in Germany I am looking for my grandad His name should be VANDOROS PETER! 1957-1960 he was based in Darmstadt (Germany) he learned in Germany...
Victor Acevedo
Posted by Victor Acevedo on 08/11/2010 4:15am
MR.Victor acevedo
My name is victor acevedo i was stationed at ft.lewis wa my unit was 2/4 fa c btry im searching for the following friends i dont know if...
Marisa Renfro
Posted by Marisa Renfro on 08/09/2010 11:52pm
"Javi" lopez
I am looking for friend, javier lopez. Orig. from Arizona, joined the Marine Corp in 1999. Dated a Tami Sims for several years. Went to Maryvalle.
Mark Wallace
Posted by Mark Wallace on 08/08/2010 8:43pm
nellington barracks
Was assigned to 472nd Signal Co. 1975-1978 lookinf for people that served then: Mark L. Wallace email: or (843) 272-5434 Mail to: 2404 Watson Drive , NMB,SC,29582 Looking...
Katrina Sellers
Posted by Katrina Sellers on 08/07/2010 9:31pm
please help me find my daughters father
I am looking for my daughters father that use to be in the 705th military police batallion I havent seen him in 6 years and i am trying...